Wednesday, 14 September 2011

We need more affiliates!
Affiliates only have to introduce property owners and agents; you do not have any other responsibility other than introducing. You do not have to list or control property, talk to sellers or buyers, answer enquiries, negotiate or sell property.
Just point the property owner or agent in the direction of your propertywikia website and everything else is taken care of automatically!

PropertyWikia is NEW and UNIQUE – We’re rapidly changing the fortunes of our existing affiliates and can deliver you success too! We are game changers; our business challenges the ‘Status Quo’ opening up the property market’s wealth to anyone that wants to grasp it and change their lifestyle forever.

By joining us as an affiliate today guarantees that the minimum money YOU will earn within the next 6 months is £250,000.00 GBP/ $412,500.00 USD – insured by the PropertyWikia Affiliate’s ‘Guaranteed No Failure Income’ Plan.

Everybody WINS – Our service is an incomparable opportunity in the market today; there are no losers, plus it’s recession proof too! PropertyWikia works just as well in a recession or property downturn as it does in boom-time! Our ‘Seller’s Guarantee’ makes it easy to introduce and attractive to list and sell property in a recession or boom-time.

We can solve a common problem, supply people’s demand and generate an income for YOU at the same time – People selling property for any reason to include; repayment problems and money trouble, can list for FREE and if we fail to sell their property within 12 weeks we’ll pay them and YOU a $165.00 Compensation every week until we do! Most people consider this to be a good income! Is there room for you to join & make money? Click to find out…

Income Guaranteed – Unlimited earnings capability that’s guaranteed against failure!
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Limited numbers apply – Limited numbers of guaranteed affiliate accounts available.

Get in early at the top, while YOU still can – We’re rapidly becoming the destination people will go to buy, sell or rent their property. With the PropertyWikia affiliate’s guarantee YOU get a completely foolproof, 100% fail-proof opportunity that gives YOU the chance to generate an easily achievable income of $412,500.00 USD within just 25 weeks of joining us.

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Property owners and agents/realtors list their properties for FREE and affiliates are paid £2,000.00 GBP/$3,160.00 USD for each property listed for sale by them. To operate all you’ll need is regular access to a PC and the ‘unashamed desire to make money’.

Become YOUR own boss, YOU can work part or full-time without any stress, pressure, admin or paperwork involved and YOU get a totally 100% solid ‘Win-Win NO FAILURE’ guarantee to ensure YOU get paid whatever happens!

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I have to explain that there are limited accounts available and the best ones are going really fast (limited positions apply)